Tuesday, April 8, 2008

O Father

I would plea for prayer. Far too often I rush into Your presence, and then find myself talking at You instead of with You. Forgive such arrogance. I would sit at Your feet now, as Mary did (Lk. 10:39, 42), listening to You, learning You, loving being loved by You. In such stillness You satisfy the waiting heart with Your sufficiency. Yes, in the quiet I sense afresh what too often I let slip away: You are my soul's deepest satisfaction.
I would come closer, Father, for I have drifted from You. It's both a comfort and conviction that You never change. For, if our fellowship is broken, it is on my side. If our communion is disrupted, it's my doing. If sin is in the camp, it is mine. And I am keenly aware I can hide nothing from Your holy gaze (Hebrews 4:13). There really is no such thing as secret sin, in the light of Your knowledge. So, I plea Your restoring, Your healing work, whereby repentance is granted, fellowship regained, joy returned, and Your Name glorified.
Thank You, Father. Be pleased now to anoint this day with Your Holy Spirit's unction, having Your perfect will in the lives of Your children as You see fit.
In the Name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray,

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tucsonmom said...

God has truely gifted you with a way with words...words that can cause my sinful spirit into repentance...thanks so much for this..
continue,as long as you have breath, to let God guide your words..as they are a blessing to me. (i'm really hoping that doesnt sound too selfish) :-)

God bless you and your family doc