Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Romans 13:1--4

I plea for those who serve in positions and places of danger this day... especially in our nation's military and law enforcement. Grant enhanced alertness and awareness of the enemy, whether law-breaker or one sworn to destroy our nation. Speak to the heart of our soldiers and peace officers, whether a word of warning, instruction, assurance, urgency, strengthening, or calming, as the immediate situation requires for the right to prevail.
Speak peace to the hearts of believing families, encouraging them by Your Spirit's use of promises in Your Word, that they may sense Your nearness when needed most. I plea Your perfect will to be accomplished in the lives of those who do not know You as Lord and Savior, Jesus, that You would sovereignly use the dangers and difficulties to draw Your own to Yourself.
May Your name be magnified and glorified through the lives and experiences of those who serve in these self-sacrificing ways, Father, that we may live in peace in this land.
In Your blessed Son's Name,