Friday, March 28, 2008

An Awakening, Father, Please

Oh, the burden You've placed on the hearts of so many, Father, for our land, our leaders! I cannot begin to imagine what You see in Your omniscience, knowing the depth of America's spiritual decline, all the while smugly thinking, 'all is well.'
Only You could possibly know how ripe we are for judgment, how deserving of Your holy wrath, spared only by Your amazing faithfulness to the remnant and to the promises in Your blessed Word. Praise to Your unchanging Name! For if Your nature were mutable we would be instantly consumed.

I plea for an awakening, Father, a work of spiritual vitality that can be explained in no other way than that You did it... for the restoring of believers who have drifted, who have left their first love, as well as for the quickening of lost souls from spiritual death.
The sweeping work You've done in the past, in lands such as Wales, Ireland, and yes, even here in America, be pleased to do again! For You Who created the heavens and the earth by Your outstretched hand, nothing is too difficult! Nothing is impossible!
Call us to prayer.
Call us to repentance.
Cause the fire to fall in a spiritual outpouring of power!
Call the country back to Yourself.
Bid us return to our roots as a nation whose God is the LORD.
Turn the hearts of the fathers to their children.
Do a purifying work by Your Holy Spirit's sweeping across our land!

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I plea, Father,