Friday, April 17, 2009

Ephesians 5:20

Incessantly thankful, Father? Gratitude, regardless? Not only "in all things," but "for" them, as well? Yes, for so You have commanded, sovereign Love, knowing the needed and encouraging changes thanksgiving works in this sin-scarred heart of mine. For, when I thank You: *faith is exercised that You are good, and do good, regardless of what I'm experiencing. *my thoughts are taken from myself, and placed where they belong... upon You. *You are obeyed,and the Holy Spirit within me is pleased. *my attitude is transformed, thereby encouraging other believers to do likewise. *a lost and watching world sees the distinctive difference You make in a believer's life. *life is put in proper perspective...under Your sovereign supervision!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Frequently-Needed Memory

I left the chapel service seeking a place to weep. The speaker's story of his own seminary days had touched me deeply. With less than half an hour after chapel ended before his next class would begin, daily he would race over to his dorm, running up the flights of stairs, burst through his door and slide on his knees to his prayer spot --- all in order to spend a few choice moments in his Savior's presence.
Such eager zeal flew in the face of my drifting walk with the Master... especially since I, too, had known such intensity in time past. Yet, gradually, cherishing time with Him, more than anyone else (or doing anything else), had eased out of my heart.
Now repentance, restoration, and resolve were needed. Most of all, to fall in love with my Lord afresh... and thereby regain the joy of being in His presence supremely.