Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The stability of a believer's life, especially in times of adversity, is immeasurably strengthened by settling forever two key issues:

(a) All Scripture, every bit of it, is God's flawless Word; and,

(b) God is absolutely sovereign, period.

So many concerns used by the enemy to cause so many Christians such consternation would melt into resolution if/when God's sovereignty is unquestioned and His Word is trusted as true.

To the extent either of these positions is compromised is exactly how much access Satan is given for sowing seeds of unbelief--- questioning God's goodness, doubting His power, mocking His promises, and staying man-centered. While these qualities characterize a believer's life, the blessed Holy Spirit is quenched and grieved, and the Savior's Name is reproached.

Father, it is a deep mystery why You are allowing the wheat of your elect and the tares of the lost who look saved to dwell together in this age. As the days darken, may the children of light shine unashamedly. As the cost to claim Your cause increases, let it be paid gladly. For, anything You would ever ask of Your children pales in comparison to what You have given in Your Son, the Lord Jesus!