Thursday, July 19, 2012

II Corinthians 10:3--5

The more complicated life becomes, the more we need to simplify our focus.  So many of the urgings competing for my attention, (some random, some logical, all seemingly urgent), are bogus, sent by the enemy to distract and confuse, keeping my thoughts noisy so that I miss His still, small voice.  My untiring foe knows that his defeat is found in my listening, heeding, and obeying that calming Word to my hearing heart.  Thus, his strategy never wavers: (1) shorten our prayer time, until it is no more;  (2) when we do pray, focus completely on our talking, mainly upon our needs-- no listening for God's response; (3) pray generally, not specifically... that way we will be continually unsure if we've been answered, will grow discouraged, and will go back to (1).  
Why does the enemy oppose it so ferociously?  Why do we find it so difficult to incorporate its discipline into our lives with ongoing perseverance?  Because prayer touches God.  The enemy knows better than we how strongly the Father's heart is moved, how powerfully He acts on behalf of the child who comes to Him, how intensely He longs for His child to call upon His Name.  Why else would he focus so much potency to keep us from the Father's throne?  
May we learn from the one who hates our soul:  pray. Pray on.  Never cease. Never.

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