Thursday, July 31, 2008

Malachi 3:6


Amid the flow of seamless days, incessantly melding one into another, change is everywhere, save with You.

Time is replete with comings and goings, living and dying, continuous movement on the way to eternity, ceaseless ebb and flow, but not You.

All that is seen is temporal, while the unseen is eternal; praise to Your immutable Name that you transcend that which is viewed, that which is mutable.

For, what would happen if You could actually change...?

What would come of all the wonderful promises You've made in Your Word--- they could no longer be claimed nor trusted.

How could your children depend upon Your Word at all--- for, if You could change, so could Your Word, and we would never know which parts to believe and which parts to reject or ignore.

Our praying would lose all confidence, hope, & joyful certainty--- for it would no longer be grounded in Your constancy of character, if You could change.

Would we speak eagerly to others of their need to be saved if the Savior was not trustworthy? If the essence of His character could vascillate in the slightest?

And how would we know for sure that our King will return to gather His own to Himself, Father, if Your Name and Word were not expressions of Your unchangable nature?

Praise to Your faithful Name, Father, that You cannot change and remain who You are. Grant grace that we may think of You as You truly are, and serve You in a manner worthy of Your immutable Name.

In the Lord Jesus' Name, I pray,

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