Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who gets the glory?

A popular perspective (which makes it suspect immediately) is to attribute man's salvation to something he does, whether believe, receive, accept, or embrace.  Testimonies run along the lines of, "I prayed to receive Christ", or "I believed in Jesus," or "I went down the aisle and the pastor prayed with me..."  Notice where the emphasis is: what did.  Back when God's sovereignty in salvation was widely preached and received, testimonies had a different focus: "Jesus saved me."  It was a reflection of a more God-centered perspective, giving Him the credit and glory.  Needed is the acknowledgement that, if God had not taken the initiative in electing some to be saved, had not then sent His Son to take their place on the cross, had not sent His Holy Spirit to infallibly call and regenerate them, then NO ONE would ever be saved.

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