Friday, September 21, 2012

Atheism Makes Perfect Sense

The belief that there was nothing
and nothing happened to nothing
and then nothing magically
exploded for no reason, creating
everything... and then a bunch
of everything magically re-arranged
itself for no reason whatsoever
into self-replicating bits, which then
turned into dinosaurs.

This isn't original with me, and I'm sure others have seen it on the internet, yet I had not come across it until recently. The evolutionary perspective is so pervasive, it has permeated the very pores of our public educational system... moving, for many, far beyond a theory, to an absolute fact. In truth, it is seldom even defended anymore, it is so assumed.  
Yet for the one who takes God seriously, whose life He has changed unmistakably, the above "explanation" for the universe is pitiful in its absurdity, and the sarcasm is well taken.  God has established His throne in the heavens, and His sovereignty rules over all.  As surely as He came the first time, the Lord Jesus is coming in great power a second time, His sovereign kingdom to establish, His reign to be seen, to vindicate the truth throughout the earth: God is not mocked.    

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