Friday, October 22, 2010

When words are worthless, smothered by overwhelming grief, You are enough.

When there is no strength to move, You say simply, "Look to Me." And Your Spirit graciously brings You before my heart's vision, bringing peace beyond comprehension, and You are enough.

Forgive, Father, for ways I seek sufficiency in places, people, and things. Some may afford happiness for a season, but none satisfies, only You do that. Grant repentance to this covetous heart, weaning it from wanting the world's mirages. Grant discernment to see through the veneer of promised provision, the smiling sneer of the enemy who hates my soul. Grant contentment, Father, complete satisfaction with You, simply You.

In Your Son's Name I plea,

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Mrs. Sewell (Professional Wife and SAHM) said...

DOC! This was such a great thing for me to read today!

Thank you!

God Bless
Crystal <><