Friday, March 6, 2009


Regrets: hauntings of guilt wistfully mixed with wondering "what might have been." Second guessings slip so easily into self-pity, pleasing self and the flesh, taking sides against God's sovereignty. Strengthened by complaining, self-pity bleeds into bitterness, urging anger on in its relentless rebellion. Allowed time to linger, and sinking roots deep into the soul's soil, bitterness produces fruit most devastating: a seared conscience, broken fellowship, and spiritual blight.

"Grant grace, Father, to heighten our sensitivity to sin's subtlety, to our enemy's strategies of erosion. Strengthen our resolve to walk in Your Spirit, to hide Your Word in our heart that we may not sin against You, and to put on the armor You've so graciously provided. Restore our awareness of the warfare, and what is at stake, eternally. Be pleased to deepen our love for You, to cherish You, to please You in all things.
In the Lord Jesus' Name,

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