Thursday, October 30, 2008

II Chronicles 20:6

"And he said,'O LORD, the God of our fathers, are You not God in the heavens? And are You not Ruler over all the kingdoms of the nations? Power and might are in Your hand so that no one can stand against You.'"

Notice God's place in the universe, His position over all authorities, and His power that cannot ultimately be thwarted.

As gifted as king Jehoshaphat was administratively and politically, it was his personal godliness and spiritual leadership that most inspired and encouraged his people. Here we find him verbally reminding all Judah (v. 13) of the greatness and sufficiency of the living God. He begins by focusing on the LORD's sovereign place in the universe. In stark contrast to the deities worshiped by the sons of Ammon and Moab (v. 10), Jehoshaphat affirms that there is only one God who is preimminent in the heavens: the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

In the immediacy of the situation (v. 11), where armies have amassed against him, Jehoshaphat next speaks of God's superiority of position over all the nations' kingdoms on earth. The families need to know that God is not indifferent to their vulnerability. He knows they are outnumbered, and feel helpless (v. 12). The king wisely directs their attention to Him Who is their Hope.

Finally, Jehoshaphat speaks of the power and might that are God's, against which no one can stand. Citing the ways the LORD showed Himself so strong on Israel's behalf in driving out the hostile nations before Abraham in his journeying, the king compells his hearers to faith God's power to act on their behalf again.

Father, when situations become overwhelming, bring this scene to mind afresh. Use it to shift our focus from the seen to the unseen, from creatures to You, the Creator. Bid us muse anew on the truth that You are GOD, supreme in place, position, and power, sovereign over all that is.
In the Lord Jesus' Name,

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