Sunday, January 6, 2008

Evening Gratitude

As the time for sleep approaches, Father, I would think upon Your faithfulness through my days, and thank You. Only in eternity will I fully see the constancy of Your care, the protection You so precisely provided, and Your timing of all my circumstances within Your sovereign providence.

I get misty-eyed recalling the numerous moments when I neared tragedy and death, seeing in my memory how unmistakably You intervened. They each rise up in my recollections, bearing silent testimony to the ways You've shown Yourself strong on my behalf. Whether car crashes, near-drownings, or falling unconscious in the hallway, You've made Your loving protection so very plain.

Thank You for bringing them to mind. May Your blessed Spirit use these remembrances to:

deepen my desire to walk in a manner worthy of Your calling;

speak more freely of Your gracious nature to those who do not know You;

refuse the urge to complain or murmur in adversity;

meet each morning with declarations of Your goodness;

close each day with greater gratitude for your grace.


Julie said...


Anne said...

Isn't it wonderful knowing that His plans are to "prosper you, and not to harm you" -- whatever He chooses to bring into our lives, He uses for His purpose and to His glory.

Yay! :D

Anonymous said...

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