Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bits & Pieces: Giving (8)

"and do not give the devil an opportunity," (Ephesians 4:27).

* We are to be generous in our giving in many areas, but not when it comes to the devil. Time and again we are instructed in Scripture to be of sober spirit, alert, watchful, and vigilant as to Satan's schemes. We must mature in discerning our weaknesses, learning to avoid activities, habits, and places conducive to sin.
For, make no mistake--- give him an inch, and he'll take a mile.

* Of all things we are told in Scripture to give, an inroad to Satan is not one of them. We must never underestimate his power, subtlety, and cunning.
Rather, we are to stay on guard, giving the enemy of our soul no ground for establishing a stronghold.

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