Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Challenge of Waiting I

"Rest (Be still) in the Lord and wait patiently (longingly) for Him; Fret not yourself, it leads only to evildoing," (Psalm 37:7a, 8b. NASB).

Resting and waiting. Two of the most difficult disciplines in the life of one who takes God seriously. Both are completely counter to the restless spirit of hurry that is the world's.

To rest is to relax in the sovereign care of God's Person and provision. "...those who know Your name will put their trust in You," (Psalm 9:10). The better we know Him, the more we will trust Him. The reason we do not trust Him, is because we do not know Him.

The one who cultivates a trustful attitude in waiting gains a confidence that His timing is as precise and praiseworthy as His will. Indeed the eagerly-waiting believer comes to understand that timing is everything. He comes to have no desire for God's will done in his time. He longs only for His will to be done in His time.

Here, then, is the antidote for feverish fretting: faithing the Father in His sovereignty and providence; confident in His trustworthy reign as King over all, and sensitive to His supervising of circumstances.

As we take Him seriously, as well as His Word, we will learn to wait with a yearning that pleases Him greatly, increases our faith, and bears witness to His faithfulness.

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