Wednesday, February 28, 2007


At the very outset, I should focus a thought or two on the title I've selected for my blog. Since the world is inundated with religion, the vast majority of which is superstitious speculation based on emotional guesses about life, death & eternity, I want to focus on taking God, Who has revealed Himself in the Holy Bible, as seriously as possible. He deserves no less. Whether acknowledged or ignored, thanked or thumped, He unchangingly and sovereignly supervises this universe of ours with infinite wisdom and power. Far too many of His creatures take Him far too frivolously, assuming He is but a bigger image of themselves. Combine this with the all-but-universal assumption that everyone will somehow get to Heaven, one way or the other, and the supremely holy God of all that is finds comparatively few on the earth who take Him or His Word seriously. I realize these statements could easily be construed as snobbish, yet they are true. My intent is to alert and alarm any and all who think little or nothing of God.
To take Him seriously is to take His Word seriously. And He has very clearly revealed the eternally-serious consequences of refusing His one and only escape from Hell. See Acts 4:12, John 14:6, and I John 5:12.

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Julie said...

Nice start, Doc!